Nancy Rizzardi
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Artist Statement

As a retired art teacher I have seen many paintings, from the “old masters” to the budding new artist.  Each is wonderful in its own way.

The art that I love to look at most speaks to me of the artist who created it; intrigues me in some way  either visually, technically, or aesthetically; or touches some emotional feeling deep within me.  Whether it is a rough sketch or a museum masterpiece, it has something to say to me.  It is my goal to also create art that can speak for me.

I hope to create a visual language or dialogue with you and others who see my work.  Perhaps you will respond as I did or perhaps differently, but respond nonetheless.  Perhaps it is the mood or playfulness that is intriguing.  Certainly it need not be what I personally felt or intended to portray.  Hopefully, we can have a visual dialogue through my paintings and that you enjoy this artistic journey and conversation.

Metaphor for drawing a straight line 
and advice for living your life...

“Look to where you are going, 
not where you are.”
            Nancy Rizzardi

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